Over a period of years your stone surfaces can start looking old, tired and past their best, through general wear and tear, foot traffic, and exposure to hard water, acidic products etc.
We undertake repairs, refurbishment and regular maintenance of limestone, marble, granite, terrazzo and many other types of natural stone or tiled finishes. Renovation techiques offered include:
  • Chemical deep clean
  • Poulitce application
  • Mechanical grind & repolish
  • Grout clean/replacement
  • Scratch removal
Floors, walls, kitchen worktops, vanity tops, fireplaces…… we can bring your stone surface back to life. We would then be happy to recommend a seal and maintenance regime, tailored to your stone, which will help keep it looking its best for many years to come.
  • Crack/spall repairs  
  • Carpet glue/adhesive removal
  • Application of seal
  • Regular maintenance
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