Oliver's Yard
The external courtyard and reception area of this office building has recently benefitted from a facelift, with Keystone responsible for supply and installation of the beautiful Travertine stone cladding.
The client had selected Travertine Noce (walnut), and liked the idea of leaving the material honed but unfilled, to retain its natural appearance. We accompanied the architect to Italy to locate the perfect blocks for the project, and having done so, began the fabrication process.
The 30mm thick slabs were cut into 3 different module heights: 250m, 500mm, and 750mm to make best use of the block dimensions. The modules were stacked vertically, with 1mm joints, to an overall height of 3 metres. A 12x12mm vertical rebate detail has been used to accentuate between each 3 metre drop, and a 12x12mm birds mouth detail has been used on vertical external corners.
All modules have been mechanically fixed, with Keystone having designed and supplied all stainless steel load bearing and restraint fixings for this project. We also provided CAD shop drawings for the steel fabricators to supply primary support steelwork to the external extension of the reception feature wall.
Anti graffiti treatment has been applied to the City Road elevation as a preemptive measure against potential vandalism.
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