Weathering cycles, airborne particles, industrial and vehicular gaseous pollutants and biological soiling can all contribute to the soiling of architectural surfaces. It may be that the soiling cause stone deterioration or decay, or reduces that permeability of the substrate; or it may simply appear as an unsightly surface discoloration.
The cause and extent of the soiling must be considered, as well as the type of construction material, before selecting the most appropriate method of cleaning. Once the most effective, yet sympathetic cleaning technique has been selected, we would offer control cleaning samples for the client’s approval. This control panel/s would the set the benchmark for a required standard of finish.
We offer the following cleaning techniques/systems:
  • Nebulous water cleaning
  • Low pressure air abrasive systems (Jos TORC)
  • Super Heated systems (DOFF)
  • Abrasive cleaning/ Blasting
  • Poultice application
  • Paint removal
  • Graffiti removal and AGS (Anit – Graffiti System)
  • Tensid systems
  • Chemical cleaning​
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